Aside from the demolition of objects Hein Heun also handles clients’ applications for permits, soil surveys, deposit inspections, or explosives investigations.  If it turns out that the soil of the site or the soil in a deposit is contaminated, we will look for the most environmentally and economically beneficial solutions together with various partners and stakeholders. Through regular and accurate contact with governments, provinces, municipalities, labour inspectors, developers, and industrial and construction companies we can deal with unpredicted circumstances quickly and efficiently. When dealing with such circumstances, safety aspects and environmental management will always be paramount.

The moment the lawful procedures have been successfully completed and all permits have been granted, the implementation of the environmental supervision and remediation, which are always carried out in accordance with the SIKB BRL 7000-7001 certification, can be started. The employees deployed for soil remediation projects have years of experience and possess the required training in full compliance with the current applicable laws and regulations

If you have any questions about construction and/or site preparation, possible soil contamination, disposal of clean or contaminated soil and/or rubble, asphalt, concrete and other such substances, supply and processing of clean soil, sand and/or mixed granulate, drawing up safety and health plans, monitoring plants, aftercare plans, and evaluation reports, please call our head office in Enschede or fill in a form on the contact page of this website; we will contact you as soon as possible.