Van Hal Nieuwleusen has a lot of experience with the roughening of concrete. This roughening can be done both mechanically and manually. Clients include, among others, contractors in construction and industry. This service includes the roughening of concrete floors, walls, columns, etc. The roughening of concrete is done to allow for better adhesion when another layer is applied.

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A concrete floor can become quite smooth due to years of intensive use or unsightly due to several different paint layers. By roughening the floor, the upper layer is essentially removed and sanded.  This causes a rough surface to remain, which serves as basis for a new finish.

We also work a lot for architects to apply specific aesthetic details on concrete-elements in construction works. The appearance of the concrete after roughening can resemble a punctured surface (finely roughened), but can also be more erratic and unpredictable (medium or coarsely roughened).

The equipment that is utilised for this purpose consists of, for example, a motorised bush-hammer units, or manual bush-hammers and grinding units.