TD& R has specialised in the safe demolition, sorting, and recycling of, among others, naval ships, barges, tugboats, and miscellaneous vessels for maritime and naval transport. Because of this we can dismantle floating structures very quickly in a professional and environmentally friendly manner with the assurance that neither the soil nor the water will be contaminated.

Due to our complete service package we can also make use of all the disciplines within the Hein Heun Groep. Asbestos in ships is removed by Hein Heun Asbestsanering in accordance with the applicable Legislations and Regulations. Reusable ship parts from entire motors to electronic devices are carefully conserved, stored in a comprehensible and logical manner, and offered up for reuse in the maritime market.

Subsequently, the ships are stripped further and the waste gets sorted and transported to processing companies. Finally, the demolition of the hull is done with large steel shears after which the ferrous and non-ferrous materials are recycled. Through the cooperation within the Hein Heun Group we can dismantle fast, professional and environmentally friendly floating equipment.