Mobile Screening

For the screening of soil, sand, or clay on-site we use a Powerscreen Warrior screening machine. This screening machine is highly suitable for the screening of finer fractions and the screening of asbestos projects. The mobile screener is equipped with a read-out screen on the conveyor belts, which makes it possible to see whether there are any products on the conveyer belts that do not belong to the end products, such as asbestos, wood, and plastic. The Powerscreen is equipped with a double decked filter box with a length of 3500mm, a width of 1500mm, and can be equipped with different mesh sizes.

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Mobile Crushing

Rubble that is produced during demolition works is the basis for a beautiful and environmentally clean civil engineering product: mixed granulate. This substance has by now become the standard in the Netherlands for practically all foundations in road and utility constructions. The process of turning rubble into a beautiful product is ensured by certification (BRL2506) and the mixed granulate is provided with a KOMO-choice certificate 

Our mobile crushing installation is deployed throughout the country for our own projects, but also on locations of third parties. It could be arranged for us to break your rubble and, should you wish us to, even take over ownership of it. The team is fully attuned to one another and can make adjustments to the filtering in the crushing process resulting in various gradations of the final product.

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When the crushing installation is not being deployed, it aids in the crushing process at our storage facility in Enschede.

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If you have any questions about the crushing of your rubble please do not hesitate to contact us.