Over the years Hein Heun Demolition Works evolved into the leading company in the Netherlands in the area of demolition. During renovation projects we strip the entire (or part of the) building after which the hull is transferred back to the client. Total demolition goes beyond this: buildings and installations are demolished to such an extent that nothing remaining in the area would remind anyone of what stood there previously. When the total demolition has been completed civilian contractors are given the room to start the process of “site preparation”.

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In the retail demolition (a very specific form of renovation demolition) it is important to adopt a strict time bound schedule. The deployment of manpower and equipment has to be flexible. The overall logistics already begin in the preliminary phase: applying for various permits and the conducting of building meetings with clients and municipalities. Aside from that the planning of manpower and the required equipment play a major role for the actual demolition.  To complete the service we also arrange for clearers, drillers and sawyers, break facilities, toilets, and cleaners.

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This website provides information about all of our activities. Our demolition service includes the demolition of all possible buildings, homes, factories, or objects, but also artworks, viaducts and bridges, quay walls, locks, breakwaters, ships, etc. We perform every possible job, which, as a result, makes all the jobs we have done too numerous to list. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.