Van Hal Nieuwleusen has a leading position in the milling of asphalt. Our experienced employees are capable of effortlessly removing asphalt from roads that are to be renovated, or milling asphalt on concrete or steel bridge decks without damaging the subsurface. The asphalt is then immediately loaded and transported to a processor close to the project so that no unnecessary transports are required. Doing so prevents CO2 emissions and it is part of our attempt at performing our activities as environmentally friendly as possible. In the province of Overijssel asphalt waste is mostly collected by our own Department of Environment and then broken off into granulates to that it can be reused in new asphalt. This is entirely in accordance with our Socially Responsible Enterprising business structure for which we are therefore certified.

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Large road building companies often come to us for the removal of asphalt within a short time-frame so that a road or lane does not have to be closed for a long period of time. These road works are often done at night or during the weekend due to the fact that there is far less traffic, which improves safety. Connections to existing asphalt are also done by our own employees equipped with special machinery. Additional activities, such as the removal of guardrails, demolition of concrete (road) constructions, or even the removal of entire viaducts, are part of our complete service package.