In the area of asbestos remediation Hein Heun Asbestsaneringen has well earned her spurs. Through the years the company has specialised in all possible forms of asbestos remediation and has been certified for this in accordance with the SC 530, NEN-EN-ISO 9001;2008 and  VCA**.

Hein Heun Asbestsaneringen coordinates the entire remediation process. A plan is drawn up on the bases of statutory asbestos survey reports. Our graduated Professional Asbestos Supervisors and Professional Asbestos Removers manage to flawlessly remove the asbestos in a controlled manner in accordance with these plans without letting substances harmful to humans and the environment be released. The work is done not only efficiently, but also in a manner that is environmentally responsible, safe, and pragmatic. Like no others we are well aware of people’s perspectives when they see people walking around in “white suits”. We therefore provide, in consultation with our clients, adequate information to the neighbourhood through mailings, briefings, or newspaper articles so that any possible anxiety can be prevented.

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As leading asbestos remediation company, we are also specialised in the removal of highly dangerous airborne asbestos in houses and we do so through the use of, among others, freeze-rays. All work is done in consultation with the labour inspection and certification body to ensure that everything is always done according to the law.

We even have an advisory role for the government and we carry out remediation efforts in the Caribbean. By doing this we attempt to raise the rules and awareness of the dangers of asbestos materials to a higher level.