TD&R has received the assignment for the removal of an bunker floor with an total area of 150m² (10m x 15m). Around the floor and in the middle are armoured beams of +/- 1.30m x 1.10m and throughout the floor there is steel reinforcement. TD&R is instructed to remove this floor vibration-free, since the bunker floor is located in an suspected explosive area.

Holes were drilled into the floor and after being declared explosive free, the floor was completely dug all around. Subsequently, the underside of the floor is cleared to the borehole with a spray lance with water. The beams are then sawn through with an wire saw, which is cooled at various points with water. The floor itself was sawn through with an saw, though this floor is also 0.5 meters thick.

When the entire floor has been sawn into pieces, the debris is moved to an cleared area. The debris is broken and crushed. The crushed material is transported to an processor for re-use.

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