In July of 2019 the dismantling / total demolition and asbestos remediation of an business building on the edge of the industrial terrains in Vroomshoop was completed. The building covered an area of more than 3500m² and previously served as an local resale shop. The project is part of an assignment in which several clients have joined forces and in total an area of 15.000 m² is being demolished and made ready for an new construction.

Though the building is very old and therefor outdated, we still think about (sustainable) possibilities of re-using materials. In this case all materials are separated and on each material type is examined whether new raw materials could be made from them. In this case the stones and rough debris is processed into granulate material. The granulate will be re-used for raising the construction site after the soil remediation. In this way an good base for possible new construction is created.

The removal of asbestos was deployed by Hein Heun Asbestsanering B.V. and the demolition and dismantling of the building is executed by Hein Heun Sloopwerken B.V.
Soil Remediation is also being carried out for this project, which is under the responsibility of TD&R.

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