On July 8th TD&R received the WSCS-OCE certificate. WSCS-OCE is an workspecific certification scheme for the tracking of conventional explosives and is obligated by law before any explosive tracking may be done. The scheme contains restrictions in quality, safety and expert knowledge regarding the execution of the process.

The certificate is split in two devisions: Tracking and civil engineering support. TD&R is certified for array B: civil engineering support. This means that, in combination with a partner who is certified for area A (reporting and securing), they are allowed to collectively collect and clear away explosives, and by obtaining this certificate we are also fully equipped to carry out aircraft salvages.

TD&R has three cranes that are WSCS-OCE certified:

  • 25 tonne crawler crane
  • 30 tonne crawler crane
  • 9 tonne crawler crane with rubber caterpillar


25 tonne crawler crane